Are you backlogged with loan applications? We can help!

It’s no secret that Australia’s property market is booming. The Australian economy is continuing to defy all expectations, and a major factor in that is the buoyancy of the property market. Bolstered by record-low interest rates, more relaxed lending, higher savings, and an insatiable demand for property, Australian’s are seeking mortgage approvals at unprecedented levels.

This demand has led to frenzied buying activity and in this incredibly competitive market, a need for mortgage approvals to be processed quickly and efficiently. The current state of affairs is not looking to ease up anytime soon, in fact, they’re predicting house prices to continue increasing and demand for finance to rise significantly.

For many brokerages, job duties are spread thin, with team members usually performing many tasks on a day to day basis. This could entail talking with new clients, engaging with existing clients, processing paperwork, daily admin, and much, much more.

Sometimes, this could lead to delays in processing applications which could result in unhappy customers. What happens if we told you that you could access a highly-skilled loan processing team member based in the Philippines who could process applications while your team members focus on other important day to day tasks?

Imagine the freedom and flexibility you could afford to local staff members by processing loan applications offshore. This not only translates to internal cost savings for your brokerage, but it also allows you to ensure your clients receive faster loan applications and, ultimately, a satisfying customer experience in what is usually a very stressful and trying time.

If you’re concerned, you might not have the volume to engage a full-time team member, there are other options available. We can offer you a pay per loan application model, whereby you only pay for the loans that are processed via our offshore team member. This type of flexibility allows you to ramp up or down dependent on the volume of applications you’re receiving – because, as we all know, the property purchasing cycle is very cyclical!

Interested? Get in touch with us today. We can discuss your current situation and assess whether your business needs a full-time team member to deal with loan application flow, or a part-time one to reduce the pressure on your local team members.

The savings can be more than 50% when compared to recruiting a local team member or engaging an Australian-based loan application service.

It’s more important than ever to assess your current operations and determine whether or not your brokerage can currently deal with the application volume, and if not, take steps to manage this properly by hiring an offshore team member, or, engaging GBSS to assist you with applications on a per loan basis.

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