At GBSS, our focus is to help our clients improve the core functions of their business whilst reducing cost.

We believe Offshoring should be accessible to companies of all sizes and across all industries, so we try to keep the process as simple as possible and to provide assistance to each client every step of the way.

Michael Galilee, Chief Executive Officer, GBSS

Who we are

Galilee Business Support Services Pty Ltd (GBSS) offer a wide range of managed business services that greatly reduce costs without exposing risk. Imagine minimising costs, maximising efficiency and really being able to compete and thrive. Operating successfully since 2010, GBSS are an Australian business, headquartered in Sydney CBD with operational facilities in Manila, Philippines. We welcome clients from both Australia and anywhere else in the world. We hold a strong belief in creating real opportunity for staff whilst providing significant value to clients.

How we started

Galilee Business Support Services (GBSS) was established in 2010 by Ralph Galilee for the initial purpose of providing Philippines-based back-office support services to his Australia-wide law firm.

After successfully establishing the initial site and its services, GBSS then commenced providing BPO services to other entities who were wanting to offshore their own operations to the Philippines.

Since creation in 2010, GBSS has continued to grow with expansion now taking its operations across multiple sites in Bonifacio Global City and servicing Clients across a number of industries.

Genuine opportunity for our staff, providing significant value to our clients

Our Company Charter reflects simple guidelines which uphold return on investment to all engaged with the business. These guidelines will ensure GBSS remains competitive in the BPO Industry as well as being seen as an industry leader in standards and practices

Better standard

To provide services, staff and offices that are of equal, or better standard than those which are available elsewhere in the Philippines or, indeed, in many western countries.

Western-level facilities

To this end, GBSS bases our services in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) which offers western-level facilities, security and services both for our staff and also for visiting clients.

Sustainable income

Our Staff should be paid to a level which enables them to establish a decent, comfortable lifestyle for themselves and for their families.

Comfortable workplace

Our staff should be provided with office facilities that make their working lives comfortable and enjoyable, creating loyalty and reliability which can be passed on to our clients.

Visiting clients

Visiting clients should be provided with facilities complete with PC, internet connection and telephone services so that they can conduct their business as they would normally do at their home-base.

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