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We understand what you and your customers need – responsiveness, flexibility,  efficiency and accuracy.

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Who we help

We welcome clients from both Australia and anywhere else in the world. We hold a strong belief in creating real opportunity for local staff, whilst providing significant value to clients.

Our core industries include but are not limited to:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Mortgage & Loan Processing
  • Banking
  • IT & Telco
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centre
  • Administration & Data Entry

How we help

GBSS replace non-core processes, with significant cost savings, and helps streamline businesses.

Our solutions can enable you to:

  • Reduce processes and customer wait times.
  • Reduce expensive overtime payments.
  • Streamline repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Increase resources, without the need for additional office space.
  • Add operational power and skills to complement your existing team.
  • Replace contractors and staff at a lower cost.
  • Access expertise and complimentary assistance in complying with legislation, local regulations and standards.
  • Customised reports to match your operational expectations.