Case Study

Case Study: Conveyancer Offshores and Thrives



About this client

  • Victorian conveyancing company with 20+ staff
  • Operating for over 20 years

Their Challenges

  • Turnover of conveyancing staff in Australia
  • Loss of productivity
  • Client deadlines

Benefits of Offshoring with GBSS

  • Happier team, lower turnover
  • Increased productivity and cost savings
  • Growth in business

Their biggest challenge was their high staff turnover due to the time-consuming and tedious documentation requirements which unfortunately is a critical part of conveyancing. The effort and resources required to train new staff continuously were exhausting, and it impacted their ability to meet client deadlines and prevented them from growing their business.


This client decided to offshore the documentation to have a dedicated resource to process all this component. After meeting with several options in the Philippines, they met GBSS and knew straight away that they had found the right partner. “I felt that they were the right cultural fit as they have the same values. I was very impressed with how they genuinely care for their employees,” said the Director.

“They do not need to know conveyancing; they just need to know how to put the documents together. We put a lot of thought into setting up the right processes from day one. When we started in June 2019, I set the goal of growing the business enough to justify the cost of adding a second agent in the Philippines in 12-months time. Because we saw such outstanding improvements in productivity and satisfaction in the Australian team, and because this is such a cost-efficient way of doing business and freed us up to take on new work, we added a second agent in the Philippines after only three months,” says the Director.


Staff retention and satisfaction have significantly improved. Their conveyancers can now focus on their clients and are so relieved not to spend hours being overwhelmed with tedious, monotonous work. This client’s capacity to service new clients has also increased dramatically. Every time one staff member used to leave, they effectively would temporarily lose two headcounts – one vacant position and one resource dedicated to training a new team member, which was very time-consuming.

Satisfaction among the clients has also increased as the turnaround time is much faster, and the conveyancers have more time to spend with them on other matters. With more time available, they have been able to take on new clients and even with the increased workload, staff positivity and client satisfaction have not been impacted.

Not only has this client realised significant cost savings, but the quality is also consistent and of a very high standard. This is because it is being completed by agents who are totally dedicated to data entry, they are not interrupted by phone calls nor clients, they are very happy to do this type of work, and they are in a work environment where they are looked after and feel valued.

The advantages of working with agents in the Philippines were realised very quickly. Improved staff retention and cost-savings were obvious benefits. However, working with such lovely people who are so happy to do this type of work has been an expected boost for this business. “They are such beautiful people to work with. Their sense of humour, diligence, discipline and enthusiasm to always do their best has made our jobs in Australia so much easier. Their easy disposition is part of their culture, and very quickly, they became valued members of our team. They have really boosted the morale of my conveyancers in Australia, and there is genuine, mutual respect and gratitude between the Filipino and Australian team members,” says the Director.

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