Globally, companies are seeking new ways to survive and  thrive.

GBSS will help you reduce your outlays and bolster your output.

Services and Solutions

Flexibility and scalability

Our scalable and adaptable offshoring model means you can grow and change according to your market’s requirements. We work closely with you to determine the most effective solution for maximum impact. Our fully serviced corporate offices in Manila feature 24 hour secure access, private client visiting offices, multiple boardrooms and meeting areas.

Integrated teams and systems

GBSS’ facilities and staff are thoughtfully equipped with modern PC, networking and communications systems. These are complemented by robust and secure information architecture with on-demand virtual private networking. Being originally associated with a law firm and having a solid background in dealing with the banking & finance industry means we understand the importance of customer privacy and data integrity.

GBSS will further customise technology solutions according to specific requirements. When it comes to resources, we assist you in complying with legislation, local regulations and standards. Reporting metrics can easily be defined to match operational expectations.

Our solutions can assist in:

Reducing processes and customer wait times
Increasing resources without need for added office space
Streamlining repetitive administrative tasks
Reducing expensive overtime payments
Adding operational power and skills to existing teams
Replacing contractors and staff at lower cost

How it works?

GBSS’ offshoring solutions are ideal for both short-term or semi-permanent deployments. Everything from single resources to project teams or whole departments. We work closely with you to determine the most effective solution for maximum impact.

In building the GBSS Offshoring Model, we have sought to provide flexibility and choice to our clients at every stage. Our Country Manager, Craig Mullan, comes with over 20 years General Management experience including time with Commonwealth Bank and Galilee Solicitors. Craig and his team will manage your deployment, whilst guiding you to the most optimal setup for your requirements.

Step 1

GBSS provide a turnkey solution for each client.

Step 2

We take the effort out of recruitment, office planning & setup.

Step 3

GBSS can take complete ownership of hiring and deployment. Or…

Step 4

You can opt to interview potential staff at your discretion.

Step 5

Deploy! GBSS assist in managing & coordinating your team.

We offer a full portfolio of services that can be tailored to meet all your offshoring needs. Enquire today.