What technology does my business need to offshore?

In many cases, you will already have most of the technology you need to leverage an offshore worker or team! In today’s digital age, there are many communication and project management tools that you can utilise to successfully manage your offshore workers.

Understanding the technology, you have and how to use it is where partnering with a service provider is very important. If there is one thing that kills the success of an offshore team, it’s not having or understanding the technologies that enable seamless communications.

The best thing about partnering with a recognised offshore staffing provider is that they can work with you to implement an offshore team using the tools you already have locally. The provider will conduct an audit of your business and technology and provide advice on guidance on what your current set-up looks like and if it will be able to support a team member.

Simply put, if you have operational working computers and an internet connection, you have the tools you need to offshore. You may need a few small add-ons, possibly a headset as well as an internet video camera to facilitate communication with your offshore team, but that is about it!

We will assist you in selecting and implementing the technology you need in Cebu once you’ve selected your team.

Once you’re up and running, we can work with you to select the different tools and software that you and your offshore team may require. This could include specific software requirements or different communication channels (Zoom, Skype).

Your provider will then work with you on embedding the systems and tools into your solution and ensuring your team members deliver on your goals and expectations.

It really is that easy!

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